Peak Flow Meters

Dr. Steve Rubinstein in the Camino Medical Asthma Education Series discusses how to use a peak flow meter. Theinformation provided here is for your general information and education only, and should not be relied upon for personal diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your personal physician before making any decisions.

I have a bronchospasm question!?

I was diagnosed with a bronchospasm brought on by a upper resp. infection and was taking qvar 40 mcg for a couple weeks and saw tremendous improvement but was told to reduce my dosage to once a day instead of twice. So my spasms started again, will it take the same time it took to […]

Childhood Food Allergies

Every 15 minutes, 1 child is rushed to the emergency room, because of a hidden danger. Life-threatening childhood food allergies. Help protect the lives of food allergic children. Build Awareness. Share this video. Support the Food Allergy Initiative to find a cure.